landon liboiron hemlock grove netflix 'Hemlock Grove's' Landon Liboiron talks Halloween, 'Degrassi' and 'The Muppets'It’s almost Halloween, which means many people will be looking around for quality scary movies or TV shows to watch to celebrate the holiday. Netflix’s original series “Hemlock Grove” could be considered a good fit, but star Landon Liboiron thinks it’s actually a series that’s perfectly haunting for all occasions.

“‘Hemlock Grove’ isn’t particularly a show that is just good for Halloween, but I guess the scariest thing about ‘Hemlock Grove’ is you don’t necessarily see the danger right away,” he says. “The scary thing about it is it’s kind of about what’s frightening us in the darkness. That’s kind of what makes it a good kind of scary thing to watch.”

Considering its Eli Roth pedigree, some might initially consider “Hemlock Grove” to be full-fledged horror like “Hostel” or “Cabin Fever.” But Liboiron says “Hemlock Grove” offers a much richer experience than a project created simply for its scare factor.

“The material I don’t think is necessarily there to go and scare people,” he says. “It’s more a bone-chilling kind of thing. It’s a lot of like gruesome imagery and gruesome things happening that aren’t necessarily a scare factor. It’s something that makes you uncomfortable.”

This is “Hemlock Grove’s” first Halloween, which means that it’s the first opportunity fans have had to potentially dress up as characters from the Netflix show for the holiday. If for whatever reason someone does decide to dress as Peter Rumancek, though, they probably should come at Liboiron from a distance.

“That’d be kind of scary. I’d be both flattered and freaked out by it,” he says with a laugh. So does that mean he’s never seen anyone dress as his “Degrassi” character Declan? “I never really considered that. It would be funny to see Declan now,” he admits.

His arc on “Degrassi” followed Liboiron all the way to the set of “Hemlock Grove.” His new costar Madeline Brewer is a huge fan of the show, and recently told Zap2it that she confessed just how much she loved the show when she first met Liboiron.

“I was obsessed with ‘Degrassi.’ I kind of told him, ‘Yeah, yeah, I really liked it,’ but I was like obsessed with it. I watched it all the time,” she said on the set of “Hemlock Grove.”

But according to Liboiron, she didn’t do a very good job downplaying her intense of obsession. “She didn’t internalize it at all,” he says with a big laugh. “It was pretty funny. It amazes me how popular the show is down in the States. It’s cool. … I like to call it the Canadian ‘Coronation Street.'”

Liboiron will likely spend most of Halloween shooting “Hemlock Grove” Season 2, but he and his friends have a pretty epic dream group costume that they would one day like to put together.

“We thought it would be funny to put together a film noir version of the Muppets,” he explains. “Like, we’d have an F. Scott Fitzgerald-like swing party for the Muppets. I would say that I would want to be Fozzie Bear, but I would have to find a full brown wool suit and then the big bear slippers and his pink scarf and his fedora, and then one of the girls was saying that they would dress up in a really sexy yellow dress with a yellow feathered scarf and they would be Big Bird. Just really cool jazzy Muppet versions.”

“Hemlock Grove” will return to Netflix with Season 2 in 2014.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz