heroes 'Heroes': Oh, what fools these mortals beTonight on “Heroes,” it’s a dramatic staging of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.”

The Course of True Love Never Did Run Smooth
Future Hiro, past Hiro, Ando, Noah, Sylar, Charlie, Samuel and a CIA agent named Lauren Gilmore are all in Odessa, Texas.

Noah and Agent Lauren are all flirty-flirty, bordering on affair-having, which is an interesting ret-con.

Samuel tries to convince Hiro not to upset the paths everyone is on and leave Charlie alone, but he stops time anyway, wheels Sylar’s frozen body outside and shoves him in the luggage compartment of a Greyhound bus (snerk).

When Future Hiro realizes that once Charlie is safe he will no longer go back to save her (and therefore won’t fall in love with her), he goes into the bathroom to talk to Past Hiro. Didn’t Lea Thompson demonstrate to us that this is bad? Anyway, Future Hiro tells Past Hiro that he has to save by going six months into the past to preserve the space-time continuum because if he never falls in love with Charlie, he will never save her. Past Hiro blinks away.

Back at the diner, Samuel reminds Hiro that he has to talk to Ando too. Future Hiro makes Ando promise to wait for Past Hiro  and goes to talk to Charlie. He wants her to come away with him right away but she just starts spewing out random facts about Japan, like a robot on the fritz. Her blood clot is still killing her.

So Hiro heads off after Sylar’s body in the Greyhound bus. Hiro expends a ton of energy continually freezing time whenever Sylar tries to kill him. Hiro finally entices him with information about his own future (and death) if he’ll help Hiro save Charlie.

Sylar cannot resist that type of intel, so he removes Charlie’s blood clot. In return, Hiro tells Sylar that he will kill many people, become the strongest of all the heroes but in the end he’ll die alone and no one will mourn. Hiro then transports Sylar back to the homecoming festivities.

Back at the diner, Charlie is upset because she’d accepted that she was going to die and now she feels like she cheated. She can’t believe Hiro let Sylar walk away and she calls him out on being selfish for saving Charlie over any of the other thousands of people who die every day.

Charlie eventually comes back and apologizes to Hiro for being so terrible to him, but Hiro says maybe he WAS selfish but he knows the world is a better place with Charlie in it. She says she wants their happy ending too and that she loves him and they finally get their kiss.

When they head outside, however, Charlie disappears. Samuel is there instead and tells Hiro that he’s done something very bad. He took Charlie to the Karn Evil in order to get Hiro to come. Hiro transports them to the Karn Evil and finds Arnold dead. Arnold was a time traveler who also got a tumor. The last thing Arnold did was trap Charlie somewhere in time. Now Hiro has to stay at the Karn Evil or he’ll never find out where Charlie is. Hiro has to help Samuel right a wrong from eight weeks ago and all we know about it is that Samuel was standing over Mohinder’s motionless body.

While all this is happening, Noah goes to see Isaac about his paintings and Sylar’s plan
to kill Claire. When Isaac won’t help him, Agent Lauren comforts Noah
with a big ol’ kiss but they stop before it goes any further. Noah goes
to see Claire at homecoming and they have a bonding moment over
Shakespeare because Noah’s secret desire is to be a high school English

Noah ends up at Agent Lauren’s hotel room to tell her he can’t be with her but she calls him out on caring about her, not just looking for a cheap affair. He says he can’t throw away the possibility of one day being able to tell his family the truth but that he needs her help with Sylar and Claire.

Back at the office, Lauren is acting all weird and Noah finds a note from her that says she had the Haitian wipe her memory because it’s better that way. Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind. Awwww.

Thoughts & Tidbits

  • Hiro’s “Oh boy” and “Great Scott” were just excellent. Two of the great time-travel exclamations of all time.
  • When Noah started reciting Theseus from “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” I squealed in delight and finished, “Four days will quickly steep themselves in night; Four nights will quickly dream away the time; And then the moon, like to a silver bow new-bent in heaven, shall behold the night of our solemnities.” I played Hippolyta in college and would just DIE to play opposite Noah Bennett. Sigh.
  • This is quite the episode of love, is it not? What an interesting take on “Midsummer.” Noah isn’t Theseus (as he quoted), he’s Demetrius and Lauren is Helena and Hiro is Lysander and Charlie is Hermia and Sylar is Puck.
  • Really excellent episode, my favorite in a long time. It is a shame that Hiro’s advice to Sylar about dying alone didn’t have more effect on him. I’d love to see the ripple if he didn’t go completely bad but I don’t think that’s where we’re headed, especially based on next week’s previews.

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