hey-dude-atx-fest-2014.JPGIt’s been 23 years since Nickelodeon’s first scripted series, “Hey Dude,” ended, and the cast and writers of the landmark children’s show were all together in the same room for the first time since 1991 for their reunion panel at the 2014 ATX Television Festival.

“It was surreal [to see everyone after two decades],” says Debrah Kalman, who played ranch hand Lucy on the series. “It was such a wonderful moment, just like getting to see family members you haven’t seen in a while.”

Although a little of the suspense was dimmed thanks to the Huffington Post’s cast reunion in honor of the 25th anniversary of the show’s premiere, writer Graham Yost, who know runs FX’s “Justified” and executive produces “The Americans,” says he was still shocked, especially by the all-grown-up Josh Tygiel.

“I saw him last night and it wasn’t quite as jaw-dropping, but he was a little kid and now he’s got children? There is something wrong with the universe,” he jokes to reporters after the reunion.

Star David Lascher says he’s pleased to see that everyone seems to be doing so well. “It’s so nice to see everybody. It’s just a flood of amazing memories,” he says. “Everyone looks great, seems happy — I can’t believe it’s been so long.”

Some of the cast members keep in touch — Kalman, who began teaching after the show but is trying to restart her acting career, is still close with Kelly Brown, who played Brad. Brown couldn’t make the reunion due to a last-minute family emergency, but Kalman says she’s doing well and owns successful businesses in Montauk, Long Island.

Tygiel works as a writer and editor for a private investigation firm in Portland, Oregon, while Jonathan Galkin also left acting and runs a successful record label out of Brooklyn. Geoffrey Coy, who played Ted’s romantic rival Kyle in the final batch of episodes, also left the business and works in marketing.

Joe Torres, who played Danny, didn’t make the reunion — because no one really knows where he is.

Lascher and Christine Taylor are still working, and Taylor says that she actually connected with Lascher’s wife when their kids were in the same gym class, but not Lascher himself.

“Some of us did stay in touch but it was back in the day where when we all left, we didn’t have e-mail addresses. It was just simple phone numbers. And if you moved and you weren’t responsible with your address book, [you lost touch],” she says.

Yost confesses that they’re trying to keep that from happening again: “What’s going on now is we’re all writing down our e-mail addresses so we can stay in touch.”

Posted by:Jean Bentley