mandy moore red carpet 325 nc 'High School USA!' Mandy Moore: 'It's good competition for SNL'

Zap2it: What do you think of “High School USA!” — in which you’re a voice-cast member as part of “Animation Domination Hi-Def” — being a rival to NBC’s “Saturday Night Live”?
Mandy Moore: There’s definitely competition out there, but for people who are looking for something different — and something that’s in the FOX vein, obviously, with the theme of more adult animated shows — absolutely. It’s good competition for “SNL.”
Zap2it: The first time you got a look at the finished product of “High School USA!” what did you think?
Mandy Moore: It was great! You’re just going in and doing your little piece of the puzzle, and it is so fulfilling to see things in their final state and watch the show come together. When you don’t have the opportunity to meet the other people you’re working with, it’s definitely fantastic to see the final product.

Zap2it: Do you feel like part of a team though you’re recording alone for the show?
Mandy Moore: I still think it’s collaborative, but I’m given the opportunity to interpret what I see on the page. Then if it’s not necessarily what the writers and the directors have envisioned, they’ll sort of steer me in the right direction.

I love having the leeway to try things and see if they fit, but they’ve written the episodes, and they know what the animation is going to look like. They know more of the nuance that may or may not necessarily be on the page, so it always comes down to my relying on them and what they need and want.
Posted by:Jay Bobbin