hilaria baldwin twisted ankle paparazzi instagram Hilaria Baldwin, wife of '30 Rock's' Alec Baldwin, twists ankle evading paparazzi

Alec Baldwin and his wife Hilaria Baldwin tend to have pretty bad luck with paparazzi. Hilaria’s latest run-in with photogs left her injured, and she took to Instagram to lament about the incident.

“Went out for a run today… Chased by 2 paps on bikes. One got close to me. Twisted my ankle,” she posts. “Love that the pap made a buck from injuring me by selling photos. Enjoy your entertainment #messedup”

The wife of the “30 Rock” star turned this into an opportunity to demand additional laws to restrain paparazzi. “Fortunately my ankle is just sprained. We need better laws protecting against paps-Just a matter of time before someone gets really hurt,” she tweets.

She isn’t the only one to demand stricter anti-paparazzi laws, either. Jennifer Garner, Halle Berry and more celebrities are also demanding their privacy be protected.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz