spencer two dogs bolejack hillbilly blood destination america 'Hillbilly Blood' stars believe society will soon come looking to them for answersDestination America’s reality series “Hillbilly Blood” might be of better use to viewers than just giving them a window into the life of America’s mountain people. According to star Spencer “Two Dogs” Bolejack, some hillbilly ways of life will likely help society to survive in coming decades.

One example he raises is the trash piles frequently seen in the back of mountain people’s homes. Though he notes that the piles are not aesthetically appealing, Bolejack tells reporters at the TCA 2014 summer press tour that they are used as resources and parts to keep homes running so hillbillies don’t need to go to a store and wastefully purchase new items.
“While maybe the aesthetics can be improved a bit, there’s something there that I think society will have to learn from,” he says. He notes, “Mountain people have learned to do a lot of stuff themselves that people have forgotten.”
The intelligence of “hillbillies” is something that was frequently highlighted in the panel. Though they might not look as sleek at Hollywood’s elite, the three stars of the show — Bolejack, Eugene Runkis and Cowboy — want to show that mountain people are more than meets the eye.
“We’re trying to break all the stereotypes of what people think a hillbilly is,” Runkis says. “A lot of the hillbillies that I know are really, really intelligent people who do a lot of the same stuff we do.”

All the men, who are proud of being labeled hillbillies, say they have spent years away from home. Bolejack went to college, which he says was to make sure he could provide for his wife if he got married. All the men know how survival skills like how to purify their own water and create their own electricity.
“When you watch the show, you’ll be just as surprised by all the knowledge and smarts that these guys have,” executive producer Sara Helman says.

“Hillbilly Blood” premieres Aug. 9 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Destination America.
Posted by:Terri Schwartz