britney hold it against 'Hold It Against Me': Britney Spears hits #1 on iTunesOops! She did it again.

Sorry, we figured we’d get that decidedly unfunny but mostly obligatory joke over with right off the bat. If there was ever any question that Britney Spears could reign at the top of the charts once again, she’s silenced the skeptics.

Her latest single, “Hold It Against Me,” shot to the top of the iTunes charts just hours after the exclusive release.

“Seriously, I have the best fans ever,” Britney tweeted gratefully early Tuesday morning… after re-tweeting some fans who probably thought they’d died and gone to #Heaven. “I love you all so much!! Everything I do is for you! xoxo Brit.”

The question, however, is whether people bought the track because they still love Britney (or because they dug the iTunes preview, which is now a minute and a half long as opposed to their previous 30-second clip)… or because they were curious to see whether she could still hold a track.

Regardless of intent, fans were treated to a frenzied electro-pop production that turns the oldest pick-up line in the book into something fresh (and worthy of the worship). Not to mention, there’s a dance break in there that leaves Britney no choice but to prove whether she’s still got the pop-lock energy that made her a legend a decade ago.

What do you think of the single, Zappers? Give us your review below. Will you be picking up the as-yet-untitled full album that drops March 15?

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie