megan fox kim kardashian hair wars Hollywood Hair Disasters: Kim Kardashian's oil spill, Megan Fox's grease pit

Kim Kardashian‘s  severe oil-slick do worn to the Teen Choice Awards reminded us of another brunette sex symbol’s hairy misadventure. And no, we’re not talking about Greasy Bear, Brandon Davis.

Remember when Megan Fox also wore a painfully tight slicked-back style to the 2009 MTV  Movie Awards? Her fans were not at all pleased with the wet look. In fact, so many took to their Twitters to complain that Megan was obliged to apologize for her hairstyle.

That’s gotta be a first. But maybe not a last.

]]><![CDATA["Sorry if you didn't like my hair. Opinions are opinions," Fox tweeted. Given the immense power of social media today, may we suggest that if you do not want Kim K. to wear her hair like this again (are you listening Justin Bieber?), tell her on Twitter.  You can also send a message with your vote below in the Dish Rag’s Hair Poll.  But we also suggest a couple of well-placed tweets. Just saying.

Who looks good with tight, oily hair?online survey
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Posted by:Elizabeth Snead