morena baccarin claire danes homeland gi 'Homeland': Claire Danes and Morena Baccarin go way backYou would never know from watching Showtime’s “Homeland,” where their characters have at best a frosty relationship, but the two female leads go way back.
To junior high, in fact.
Claire Danes, who plays Carrie Mathison, and Morena Baccarin, who plays Jessica Brody, separately told Zap2it about their memories of each other.
“We went to junior high school and were in the same class,” Danes says. “And we were friendly. We definitely knew each other, and now she is one of my very dearest friends.”
They attended what is now called the NYC Lab Middle school for Collaborative Studies. It’s considered one of the best public middle schools in the city, and was when they attended it. Both actresses are 33.
 “We would see each other and were always friendly,” Baccarin says. “Then we lost touch.”
But shooting “Homeland,” which concludes its second season Sunday (Dec. 16), in North Carolina brought them very close.
“We were two girls in Charlotte,” Baccarin says. “It was a lifesaver having her out there with me, and hanging out.”
Oh, and some things never change no matter how many awards you win and how gorgeous you grow up to be. They were both harassed in school.
“We have this thing, which is hysterical,” Danes says. “The same girl abused us in junior high. And we sat across from the same boy.”
The “Homeland” season finale airs at 10 p.m. ET Sunday on Showtime.
Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler