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Sunday (Sept. 29) may be the biggest single day for premieres in the 2013 fall TV season. 14 major premieres — plus the highly anticipated “Breaking Bad” finale — all air between 8 and 11 p.m.

The following listing will tell you what you need to watch everything from “Once Upon a Time” to “Homeland” to “The Simpsons.”

8 p.m. ET/PT

“Once Upon a Time” (ABC) – In the Season 3 premiere, “Heart of the Truest Believer,” unfriendly mermaids threaten those searching for Henry in Neverland, while the boy goes on the run with another escapee from Peter Pan’s encampment. A still-recovering Neal travels the enchanted forest with Mulan in search of Emma’s and Henry’s fates.

“The Amazing Race” (CBS) – The Season 23 premiere, “We’re Not in Oklahoma No More,” has the teams head to their first destination in Chile. There, the competitors must face fears of heights.

“The Simpsons” (FOX) – “Homerland” starts Season 25 with Lisa seeking help from the FBI after she suspects something bad has happened to Homer.

8:30 p.m. ET/PT

“Bob’s Burgers” (FOX) – Bob, Linda and the kids brave river rapids, separation and squirrels while on a camping adventure in “A River Runs Through Bob.”

9 p.m. ET/PT

“Revenge” (ABC) – “Fear,” the Season 3 premiere, renews Emily’s quest for vengeance, while the return of Victoria’s long-lost son, Patrick, complicates things even further for the Grayson family.

“The Good Wife” (CBS) – In “Everything Is Ending,” Alicia tries to prevent a convicted murderer’s execution, while she and Cary plan their exit from the firm.

“Family Guy” (FOX) – In the Season 12 premiere, “Finders Keepers,” Quahog turns against itself when Peter believes a restaurant placemat is a treasure map.

“Homeland” (Showtime) – Season 3 begins with “Tin Man Is Down,” in which Saul plans a counterstrike against the bombing terrorists and Carrie is investigated by the Senate. Meanwhile, Nick Brody remains at large and his family copes with Dana’s behavior.

“Breaking Bad” (AMC) – The series finale, “FeLiNa,” ends five seasons of cancer, violence and meth.

9:30 p.m. ET/PT

“American Dad” (FOX) – “Steve and Snot’s Test-Tubular Adventure” has Steve and Snot trying to create prom dates from a cloning machine. Instead, they get fast-growing babies.

10 p.m. ET/PT

“Betrayal” (ABC) – In this new drama, Sara falls immediately for an attorney named Jack. Unfortunately, Sara is married, and her husband will be facing off with Jack in a high-profile murder case.

“The Mentalist” (CBS) – While the team investigates a murder, Jane and Lisbon secretly continue to narrow-down the list of Red John suspects in “The Desert Rose.”

“Eastbound and Down” (HBO) – Kenny becomes bored with his job and suburban life, so he considers a career change and parties with a former teammate.

“Masters of Sex” (Showtime) – This drama premiere shows what happens when a successful doctor, William Masters, begins a secret study on human sexuality and hires a former nightclub singer as his assistant.

10:30 p.m. ET/PT

“Hello Ladies” (HBO) – This new comedy starring Stephen Merchant focuses on Stuart Pritchard, a web designer with an attractive tenant in his house. In the premiere, he manages to get on a nightclub guest list.

Posted by:Laurel Brown