homeland season 3 jess carrie 'Homeland' Season 3: Carrie and Jess meet and more photo spoilers

Showtime has released a new batch of “Homeland” Season 3 photos, and these images from episode 3 (“Tower of David”) through episode 5 (“The Yoga Play”) reveal some pretty big spoilers from the upcoming three episodes. If you want to remain spoiler-free, don’t read ahead.

When “Uh … Oh … Ah …” ended, Carrie was left drugged up in a mental institution, Saul was on the outs with Senator Lockwood and Brody has been nowhere to be found. It’s already been revealed that Brody returns in “Tower of David,” but beyond that it looks like “Homeland” is due for some shakeups.

Virgil is back. A photo from episode 4, “Game On,” shows that David Marciano‘s character Virgil makes a reappearance. He’s been absent thus far in Season 3, but it looks like he’s due for a comeback. Usually Virgil’s appearances involve Carrie doing some off-the-radar snooping, so it could be that she’s going off the books again.

Carrie doesn’t stay in the mental hospital long. Viewers were frustrated when Carrie found herself off her meds and locked up in a psych ward again, but it doesn’t look like she stays there long. Yes, she’ll remain there in episode 3, but in photos from episode 4 she’s seen out in the real world and in episode 5 she’s definitely on her own again.

Carrie and Jess will come face-to-face. In one photo from “The Yoga Play,” they do just that. But why would Carrie need to see Jess again — or vice versa? These two have never gotten along — and for good reason — so bringing them together once again should be cause for some emotional fireworks.

Saul and Senator Lockwood become buddies. Or at least it sure looks like they do. In a number of images, Saul and the senator who has been leading an investigation on the CIA are seen out on what looks like a man date. Is Saul trying to butter up his enemy, or do he and Lockwood actually become friends? That remains to be seen.

Brody is only back for episode 3? There are plenty of new images showing Brody back on “Homeland” in episode 3, “Tower of David,” but is that his only episode in the first five? He doesn’t show up in any pictures for episodes 4 or 5, which doesn’t necessarily mean he won’t be in them, but it could be a hint of his reduced — or nonexistent — presence.

“Homeland” airs on Showtime on Sundays at 9 p.m. ET.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz