damian brody homeland season 3 'Homeland' Season 3: Damian Lewis on when Brody will reunite with Carrie and Dana

“Homeland” finally revealed where Brody’s been in Season 3 during episode 3, “Tower of David,” and it turns out he’s pretty far removed from the rest of the show’s storylines. According to Damian Lewis, viewers shouldn’t expect his plot to reconcile with the central one any time soon.

“I don’t see Brody coming out of hell. I think he lives a living hell, and I think he has for some time, really from the moment we first met him,” Brody tells Huffington Post. “Just when we first met him, he seemed to represent the threat as well, so he seemed to be more active or proactive — he seemed to be a little bit more master of his own destiny. But I think the reality for Brody is he has never been master of his own destiny. … He can never really lead a full, engaged life again.”

Inevitably “Homeland” will bring Carrie and Brody together in one way or another, and in some ways they were already reunited in “Tower of David” as the only two characters the episode focused on. Lewis explains the hurdles he thinks both characters need to go through to find one another again.

“I think Carrie might not even know where he is, so I think they have to work out where he is, and I think Brody has to want to leave — that’s probably as fundamental as anything. Certainly if he just sits there sticking needles in his arm, he ain’t gonna go anywhere. There’s a lot to get through, but you’ll see when we get to it,” he says.

Lewis also predicts that Dana and Brody will reunite before the end of Season 3, which implies that Brody actually will get out of hell before that point. But Lewis uses that as his reasoning for why Dana’s storyline continues to be integral to “Homeland.”

“You’ve got to figure that Brody and Dana are going to come together again at some point, because that relationship was so strong and so central to Brody’s story,” he says. “I can’t imagine that that’s over. So I think it’s in their best interest and good for the audience to stay in touch with Dana and be part of her life and see what’s going on in her life. Especially given the fact that she and Brody, I’m sure, will be in a room together again before the end of the season.”

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Posted by:Terri Schwartz