homeland season 3 episode 2 uh oo aw 'Homeland' Season 3 episode 2 recap: 'Uh ... Oh ... Ah ...' sends Carrie into a breakdown

“Homeland’s” second Season 3 episode, “Uh … Oo .. Aw,” was one of the hardest episodes of the show to watch in a long time. It resulted in Carrie being drugged against her will and locked up in a psychiatric ward, and featured her being as at odds with Saul as she ever has been.

Somehow Saul’s betrayal of Carrie in this episode is worse than his betrayal in the Season 3 premiere, even though he claims — for good reason — that it’s for her own benefit. But how long can he keep covering for her in this way? Yes, Carrie is a loose wire and one he can’t afford right now, but that doesn’t mean he should throw her to the wolves.

Carrie does seem well and truly destroyed at this point in the season. It’s hard to see how she’ll come back from the brink this time, and how she’ll forgive the CIA and Saul. Carrie isn’t wrong about her stance on Brody and the Langley bombing — at least, we don’t think she is. Saul may think he’s doing the right thing for Carrie, but locking her away isn’t helping her and it’s just turning her into a scapegoat for the CIA.

A position of power has changed Saul, and not for the better. His initial disrespect towards the religious dress of Fara (Nazanin Boniadi) shows a different side of his character than has been seen before, and not a good one. It only hurts his case that Fara has a great plan and is good at her job. Is tough love the only way he can work with other people now? Because hopefully it doesn’t destroy Fara the way it did Carrie. Even Quinn questions his tactics, and says he’s done with the CIA if it continues to work in this manner.

It’s interesting that Peter Quinn is the only one who comes to see Carrie and try to have her back. If only Carrie could see the logic that Quinn is spouting. She won’t be able to truly get back on her feet unless she realizes how crazy she sounds and learns to play the game. It’s partly her bipolar disorder that doesn’t allow her to think clearly, but hopefully at some point she realizes she’s making it too easy for herself to be a target, which is exactly what Quinn and Saul are trying to prevent her from doing.

Carrie continues to blame her meds for the fact she missed the Langley attack, but something else is at play here. Someone is leaking CIA secrets, and Saul seems to be looking into that. He hints that he’s onto something, and makes Fara keep some suspicious bank dealings hidden. Saul could really use a win — and so could the CIA — but hopefully he doesn’t get it at the expense of those around him.

Back at the Brody house, both Jess and Dana struggle with coming to terms with Dana’s return from the mental hospital. But her safe place is with her psych ward boyfriend Leo, and the pair have sex (for the first time?) after she runs away from home. Whether or not this connection between Leo and Dana is good for them is yet to be seen, but at least Dana seems to be coping a bit better with her home troubles now than she was when she had Finn to lean on. Dana’s honesty with Jess at the end of the episode is one of the most heartbreaking scenes from this entire series, and hopefully their relationship continues to grow this season.

But what about the moment Dana finds Brody’s prayer rug? Why does she lay it out and kneel down on it? There’s a lot to be interpreted from this scene — is she trying to find a connection to her father? Turn to religion to find peace? — and clearly there a lot more to Dana that the writers want to explore.

What do you think of the direction “Homeland” is taking in Season 3? Did you like “Uh … Oo … Aw …”?

Posted by:Terri Schwartz