homeland season 3 game on recap 'Homeland' Season 3 'Game On' recap: Carrie and Saul have a master plan

“Homeland” Season 3 finally feels like it’s picking up some momentum. After an entire episode spent wondering if Carrie will finally be turned against the CIA, the Showtime drama revealed that not only is she a loyal ally of the organization, but that she’s also working on a plan to catch Majid Javadi with Saul.

Honestly, at this point in the show, that was an unexpected twist. At what point did Saul and Carrie’s relationship go from him throwing her under the bus to her working for him? It clearly wasn’t from the get-go, as she tells him in “Game On” that he should have gotten her out of the hospital sooner. But it’s clear now why Saul wanted no contact with Carrie, since their severed ties needed to be completely organic for Javadi’s American associates to buy it.

And buy it they did. Paul Franklin pulled the right strings to get Carrie out of the mental institution, and presented her to his superior, Leland Bennett. It was Leland who seemingly convinced Carrie to turn on the CIA after he told her that being outcast from the organization would eventually lead to her it ordering her death, and she finally caved and agreed to meet his client. That client, seemingly, in Javadi, and Carrie’s final deal was that she would only meet with him if it was face-to-face and didn’t require her to name the names of her allies in the field.

zap homeland season 3 pics 012 'Homeland' Season 3 'Game On' recap: Carrie and Saul have a master plan

It was a deal that Bennett ultimately took, much to Saul’s delight. For the first time seemingly all season, he gave Carrie a glowing compliment and soothed her fears that she wouldn’t be able to see the mission through. According to him, this journey is almost over — but is it? Things are never this easy on “Homeland,” and there’s likely more than meets the eye going on in this storyline.

As for Saul and Fara, they managed to trace the missing money back to Javadi as well. But instead of going after him then, Saul opted to play the long game so he can hopefully get Javadi in a room so he can interrogate the terrorist. That would explain why Carrie would need to meet Javadi face-to-face, and is a great way for the CIA to hopefully regain credibility with the American people.

Meanwhile, Dana’s storyline continued to get more twisted as she and her rehab boyfriend Leo went AWOL. After Leo broke out of the hospital, he and Dana ditched Jessica’s hijacked car and went around to a variety of locations that hold emotional significance for them. For Dana, that was the base where she bid farewell to her father before he went overseas. For Leo, that was the grave of his younger brother who, as he says, killed himself.

But Mike, who returned in this episode, told Jessica another story entirely. According to Mike’s sources, Leo actually killed his brother, though Mike couldn’t be certain if it was part of a suicide pact or not. It seems like Dana is once again saddled with a man who is lying to her, and hopefully she takes this inevitable reveal better than the way she handled her father’s betrayal.

So where’s Brody? Still not in this episode, that’s for sure. He’s likely off shooting up heroin in a cell in Venezuela, and it’s still unclear how he fits into the Season 3 storyline — if at all. His arc just seems like filler at this point, and hopefully the “Homeland” writers have found a way to tie him back to Carrie, Jessica and Saul in an interesting way that doesn’t just make it feel like a pointless way to keep him alive.

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Posted by:Terri Schwartz