homeland season 3 poster thumb 'Homeland' Season 3 posters: Carrie, Brody and Saul 'pledge allegiance'“Homeland” Season 3 has a new batch of posters showing its main characters “pledge allegiance.” The images show pretty generic shots of Carrie, Saul and Brody, but the fact that the four new posters only show those three characters is pretty telling.

In the past, “Homeland’s” focus has stretched beyond it’s three leads, dwelling on characters like Dana and Abu Nazir. Do these posters show that the focus will return to Carrie, Saul and Brody? Based on what producer Howard Gordon told Zap2it at the Showtime TCA summer press tour, that could be the case.

“[Saul and Carrie’s strained Season 3 relationship is] a game-changer, but it will see that the ramifications of what you’ve seen definitely play out downstream,” he sais. “The Saul/Carrie axis in some ways is every bit as the Carrie/Brody axis. I mean, he is her mentor, her father-figure, and she is his apprentice, disciple, daughter, and all those relationships are tested, are broken, are bent and in some ways this is the story of Carrie and Saul.”

“Homeland” Season 3 premieres on Showtime on Sept. 29 at 9 p.m. ET. Click on the below images to see them in their full size.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz