Bummed you didn’t get to see the “Homeland” Season 3 sizzle reel that was shown at the show’s 2013 TCA press day? Well you’re in luck, because Showtime just uploaded it to YouTube for the world to see.

The trailer opens with Carrie and Brody’s heartfelt goodbye in Season 2, and then shows the differing paths their storylines take. Brody seems to be on the run in foreign countries, and can be seen at some points with a shaved head and a gunshot wound. In one shot, he is shown firing some pretty heavy weaponry at one point.

Meanwhile Carrie can be seen getting taken by police and hospitalized once again. Based on Saul’s apology to her at the end of the trailer, it seems like he had something to do with her being taken in against her will. “Homeland” producer Howard Gordon recently told Zap2it that their relationship is as important this season as Carrie’s relationship with Brody.

It’s interesting that Dana gets so much screentime in this trailer. She’s become a pivotal character over the past two seasons, and it looks like that will remain the same going into Season 3. The shot of her seemingly praying on Brody’s prayer rug is arguably the most impactful imagery in the trailer.

“Homeland” Season 3 premieres on Showtime on Sept. 29 at 9 p.m. ET.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz