Warning: Mild language warning for the above video

When it comes time to get you through the holiday season, chances are people will use the alone time to play some video games. And clearly the most addictive video game of all at the moment is “Candy Crush Saga.”

That’s why it’s so funny and makes so much sense that Jimmy Fallon would have a sketch where he plays “Candy Crush” on “Late Night.” Better yet, that he would be incompetent at the game and need “Homeland’s” Mandy “Candy” Patinkin to help him beat the game’s challenging levels (aka, Level 6).

This year, we are thankful for the Internet to allow hilarious videos like this to be made and distributed. Because really, this video is the greatest. Just wait until Patinkin starts singing.

So thanks, Jimmy and Mandy, for keeping us laughing year after year.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz