betty white mtm 320 'Hot in Cleveland': Betty White & Mary Tyler Moore's blink and you miss it reunion

After months of waiting, we had sort of assumed that Mary Tyler Moore‘s appearance on Betty White‘s “Hot in Cleveland” would be… just a little substantial.

But almost as soon as we saw her, she was gone, sharing only a solitary scene with her former cast-mate.

That’s not to say it wasn’t worth it.

Moore and White’s chemistry endures. After the previously reported “M” joke and more than a few gags about disgusting Midwestern potluck and their respective marriages to the mob, we got the “MTMS” reference to end them all.

“You got spunk,” Moore says to White, “I hate spunk.”

For the handful of you who didn’t make the connection, those are the same lines Ed Asner‘s character, Lou Grant, spoke to Mary in the pilot of their iconic series.

Speaking of Mr. Asner, when can we expect an appearance from him?

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell