hotwives of orlando cast hulu 'Hotwives of Orlando': Casey Wilson, Kristen Schaal and Angela Kinsey do spot on 'Real Housewives' parody for HuluHulu’s new series “Hotwives of Orlando” is, obviously, a send-up of the various “Real Housewives” shows on Bravo. But how do you parody something that’s already something of a self-parody?

Turns out it’s not that tough. “I think you can always go further,” co-creator and co-star Dannah Feinglass Phirman tells Zap2it. You can see how far the show pushes its comedy starting Tuesday (July 15) on Hulu. (All seven episodes are available now for Hulu Plus subscribers; the first two are streaming on the free Hulu site.)

“The parody is also an homage,” adds Danielle Schneider, who created the show with Phirman and plays one of the central characters, Shauna, who’s spending her family into bankruptcy. “It comes from a place of love. So we just kind of took what we saw on screen and made it bigger. Yeah, they are big, but I feel like we took it to places we haven’t dreamed of going. Maybe they will in further seasons. They’ll be inspired by us, we hope.”

The cast also includes Casey Wilson, Kristen Schaal, Angela Kinsey, Andrea Savage and Tymberlee Hill, all of whom play women who will look very familiar to anyone who’s ever consumed any of the many “Real Housewives” shows. The beauty of “Hotwives,” though, is that the “Real Housewives” is so pervasive that the comedy should be recognizable even to those who don’t watch.

“I think they’re just popular and in the public consciousness,” Schneider says. “So I think everyone, even if they haven’t watched, kind of knows about it.”

“Hotwives” pretty well nails the absurd settings where things take place: The first two episodes revolve around a charity event to buy high heels for dogs and a “pimps and hos” party featuring an actual pimp and prostitute. Specific details are spot-on as well, from the way everyone insists they don’t want “drama” (while stirring it up) to the phrase “Calm down” being the absolute worst thing you can say to someone.

“Watching the ‘Real Housewives,’ there are moments like that. I think they were even saying ‘Calm down’ or something like it,” Schneider says. “It just seemed like everyone got all up in arms.”

“I felt like I identified,” Hill interjects. “When I get upset, if someone tells me to calm down or relax, it’s. On. It’s on until you cry or hit the floor. I mean, I’ve never turned a table …”

Adds Kinsey (“The Office”), “Honestly, I’d never had anyone put a finger in my face like aggressively until this. I did not like it. [laughs] It brought up something in me.”

Here’s a trailer for “Hotwives of Orlando”:

Posted by:Rick Porter