house hunters international logo 'House Hunters International' renewed for 91 episodes   that's a lot of weekend marathons“House Hunters” addicts, here is some excellent news: HGTV has a fix for you in the form of 91 brand-new episodes of “House Hunters International,” the the real estate show spinoff that follows house-hunting families and singles to exotic locations.

“I do dream along with the viewer,” HGTV programming executive Brian Balthazar tells TV Guide. “I never tire of the French countryside or the dream of having a rustic place in the Italian countryside.”

Do you know how many weekend marathons that will give us? Enough that we won’t watch half of an episode until we realize we’ve seen this one before and we totally remember which one they pick for a very, very long time.

For those of you counting, TV Guide informs us that with the 91 additional episodes, there have been 598 episodes of this television masterpiece produced since 2009. Let us all give a hand to the tireless team giving us so many half-hours of excellence.

And if you’re wondering if we’ll get more beyond these 91 new episodes, Rigg is hopeful. “As long as people are moving, and moving to interesting places and have interesting stories to tell,” he says, “I think the show will have a life.”

Posted by:Jean Bentley