hugh laurie house vert 'House': Is this the final season? FOX's decision coming in the fallThe coming season of “House” could be its last one. At least on FOX. Probably.

The medical drama begins its eighth season Oct. 3. Its ratings are not what they once were, and several cast members and key producers are in the final years of their contracts. Those signs would perhaps point to a looming end for the show. That may turn out to be the case, but it’s not a sealed deal yet, FOX Entertainment president Kevin Reilly says.

“I can’t confirm it’s the last season,” Reilly said Friday (Aug. 5) at the Television Critics Association press tour. “We’ve talked pretty publicly about the potential for that. Hugh [Laurie] is mulling it; the producers are.”

The network will make a decision in the fall — “probably October,” Reilly says — about whether 2011-12 should be the final season for “House” on FOX.

“Then Universal [which produces the series] will have a decision of whether they’d like to try to keep the show going somewhere else, and the producers may make that decision,” Reilly says. “But my sense is this is also a show that wants to stay creatively vibrant and go out strong, and not limp along for four more years doing a vestige of what it was.”

What do you think? Should “House” end after this season, or does it have more life left in it?

Posted by:Rick Porter