“House of Cards” star Kevin Spacey stopped by “The Daily Show” Tuesday (Feb. 18) to talk about the way Netflix became attached to the project — since, as host Jon Stewart quips, before “House of Cards” came along, Netflix was still the company that sent you DVDs in the mail.

“I’ve been talking about this happening for about eight years,” says Spacey. “One of these companies, Netflix or Hulu or Google or somebody who made gazillions of dollars, as a portal for entertainment, was going to want to get into the original content business. They were going to want to compete.

“It made sense to me, when we went out with ‘House of Cards’ — and by the way, we went out to all the networks, we went out to everybody, and Netflix was the only network that said, ‘We believe in you, we believe in [director David] Fincher, we like the original series, the British one, and we don’t need you to do a pilot, how many do you wanna do?’

“And we were like, ‘R-really? … 26?’ and they said yes. So for us, it was a fantastic partnership. They’ve been great to work with and I’ve had the time of my life.”

Spacey also regales Stewart with his time shadowing the House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy in Washington D.C., which is the position Spacey’s character held for Season 1. Transcribing it here will lose the humor, but suffice to say that Spacey thinks a lot of what happens in Washington is “performance art” and that “delusion runs very deep” in the men and women of Congress: “Except for the ones that know they’re full of s***.”

“House of Cards” Season 2 is available now on Netflix.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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