house of cards season 2 trailer 'House of Cards' Season 2 video: What does the mysterious cinemagraph mean?

Season 2 of Netflix’s hit series “House of Cards” is coming, but based on the new teaser released for the new episodes, we really have no idea what to expect from Kevin Spacey’s Frank Underwood.

Think we’re exaggerating? Watch the new, short, mysterious clip for yourself below:

What does it all mean? The black and white noir setting? The stretching of the rubber band? Why is there no sound?

Series creator Beau Willimon gave fans a bit of a hint when he posted a GIF (that Netflix later released as the above trailer) to Reddit. “We created a slew of cinemagraph GIFS for Season 2 and I wanted to share this one with you first. Just a taste for now, but LOTS MORE to come, so keep your eyes peeled, your ears to the ground, and your smart-devices at your finger-tips,” he writes.

This similar teaser of Robin Wright as Frank’s wife Claire seems to be from the same cinemagraph series.

Of course, Netflix did release a full trailer of Season 2 that offers a bit more insight into the upcoming season. In it, Frank continues to climb “to the top of the food chain” in his quest for power in the nation’s capital as “the butchery begins.”

“House of Cards'” 13-episode Season 2 premieres on Netflix on Feb. 14. The series has earned four Golden Globes nominations.

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum