house of food jenny daly interview 'House of Food' showrunner Jenny Daly promises viewers can increase their own cooking skills by watching MTV is combining the social aspects of “The Real World” with the competition aspects of “Top Chef” for the network’s new cooking reality series, “House of Food.”

Premiering on Monday (March 31), the series puts a group of young, aspiring chefs with no formal culinary training in one house to live, learn and compete for an apprenticeship under a renowned chef. 

Executive producer Jenny Daly tells Zap2it that not only will the contestants learn new skills, but viewers will also be able to take something away from watching. “You’ll see a lot of really exciting food come out, but with a learning structure focus behind it that will even help you, the viewer, become much more knowledgeable,” Daly says. “So you could apply these lessons at home and increase your own skills just by watching.”

Daly explains that the food challenges will mimic how culinary students are trained. “We designed this in a way to show what a true culinary school would be like. So in essence, we were putting these kids through our version of culinary school,” Daly says. “You’ll see challenges throughout the season that are a gradual incline in their learning capabilities, from kniving skills, to parts of beef, how to cook parts of beef, how to cook fish, how to cook fast food, how to make your own signature dish. It’s really exciting.”

Daly can’t wait for viewers to meet the contestants. “We brought in a lot of interesting, diverse people who really have a passion for food and as a viewer, you’re really going to enjoy watching them grow as, more than wannabe-chefs but pseudo-chefs, if you will,” she says. “I’m really excited for viewers to see the integration of applicable food skills being put into an evironment that is really engaging and entertaining.”

“House of Food” premieres Monday at 10 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum