don cheadle house of lies episode sho 325 'House of Lies' Don Cheadle: 'It's a blur'Zap2it: With the fast-paced nature of “House of Lies,” how many script pages do you go through per day?

Don Cheadle: Well, it depends. We’ve done as many as seven to nine pages, which can be ridiculous. I guess the average day would be five pages, but it can be more. It’s a blur. We’re sometimes shooting three episodes at a time.

Zap2it: What do you think the effect of that pace is?

Don Cheadle: One of the comments I get back a lot on the show is, “It seems like it’s over before it starts.” It’s definitely something that’s different from what I’ve done before in a popular sort of vein.

Obviously, I haven’t played a character like this week in, week out. I’ve played characters who definitely have had some of the same aspects, but not as condensed and not as full-throttle.

Zap2it: Do you believe the timing of a show that has the themes of “House of Lies” is fortuitous now?

Don Cheadle: Topically, because of what’s happening in the banking world and everything in general, this sort of speaks to this time when the curtain’s pulled back on people who are just ruthless. We ended the first season with an evisceration of the firm’s leadership, and there’s a power vacuum now. We’re still grappling with that in Season 2.

These characters are all, in their own way, kind of cutthroat. They’re jockeying for position and trying to maintain relationships that they threaten to destroy with every little move and deal that they make.

Posted by:Jay Bobbin