house of lies shooting don cheadle kristen bell ben schwartz zombies twitter 'House of Lies' gang shooting: Kristen Bell, Don Cheadle tweet about zombies

Production on “House of Lies” was interrupted Friday when gang-related gunfire erupted during shooting in Los Angeles. Fortunately, everyone involved with the Showtime series was safe. At least, they probably were, as Twitter messages from stars Kristen Bell and Don Cheadle made clear.

Since there weren’t many detailed reports after the incident, it’s entirely possible that some online fans were exaggerating the situation. Don Cheadle jumped on this possibility with his post-gunfire post:

“Holy sh*t, I’m dead (TMZ)”

The (TMZ) refers to a TMZ report that appeared shortly afterward and was the source for much of the public’s knowledge on the event.

In case anyone was worried about Cheadle’s status update, co-star Kristen Bell was kind enough to clarify the situation to the world:

“I’m sitting right next to him, he’s definitely not dead.”

That was reassuring. It was a little bit less reassuring to see Bell’s follow-up:

“I am like 99% sure he’s not dead…wait a min… #zombiedon”

Bell accompanied this with a snapshot of herself and Cheadle that had been posted by another actor on the show, Ben Schwartz. In it, Cheadle does indeed look like he may not have really survived the incident.

That’s OK. Zombie shows are cool these days.

Posted by:Laurel Brown