josh lawson house of lies showtime 'House of Lies' Josh Lawson: Jenny Slate scenes are 'craziest' of Season 3

Though the main focus of the “House of Lies” Season 2 finale was the implosion of the pod, the entire showdown was set at Doug (Josh Lawson) and Sarah’s (Jenny Slate) wedding. While the main thrust of Season 3 looks to be the new pods that formed in the wake of Clyde’s (Ben Schwartz) betrayal, Doug’s personal life is still a focus.
“Some of the scenes I have with Doug and Sarah are the most outrageous, boldest, craziest scenes of the season,” Lawson tells Zap2it. “It’s my favorite part of it. When I do stuff with Jenny Slate and you get to see the private life of Doug? They’re my favorite scenes. She’s a f***ing superstar.”
While adjusting to married life, Doug will also be trying to find his way at Galweather & Stearn, now that both Clyde and Marty (Don Cheadle) are gone. 
“He was never happier than he was when he was with Marty, Jeanie and Clyde and now that dynamic has exploded,” Lawson says. “He’s completely out at sea and doesn’t know what the f*** is going on. He just wants his mentor back and he thought that he’d find stability at Galweather if he stayed there … but that starts to crumble.”
Before it all starts falling apart, there’s a bit of a power trip for Doug, who is technically second-in-command of his pod now, as Lawson explains, “He’s climbed one rung on the ladder and now he thinks he’s God.”
Of course, a little bit of power can only go so far to distract from the bigger picture. “I think he’s nostalgic for Marty and he imagined the world of Galweather would be more glamorous, but the new pod annoys the f*** out of him.”
“House of Lies” premieres Sunday (Jan. 12) at 10 p.m. ET on Showtime.
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