amber tamblyn house 'House': Office politicsamber tamblyn house 'House': Office politicsWhile treating a senator’s campaign advisor for liver problems, House is forced by Cuddy to hire a third-year med student, super-genius Martha M. Masters, who has Ph.Ds in applied math, art history and telling the truth.

This is terrible news for House, who finds it much easier to get what he wants by lying to everyone around him. So he fires Martha, only to have to hire her back when the other three Cottages are sent to jail for breaking into patient Joe’s house. Martha gives House the idea that Joe has hepatitis C, contracted from his senator boss when they shared a straw during a cocaine binge, as well as the idea to try to cure Joe by infecting him with hepatitis A, which works 15% of the time and kills the patient the other 85%.

Of course, Cuddy won’t approve this risky business without a positive hepatitis C test result, and there are all kinds of special conditions going on that prevent Joe’s blood from testing positive. So House uses the senator’s blood instead and puts Joe’s name on it. That test comes back positive and is enough to get Cuddy’s approval. The treatment saves Joe’s life but earns Cuddy’s wrath and disappointment when she inevitably finds out that House lied to her.

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