house hugh laurie lisa edelstein s7 320 'House' recap: Baby In A CornerOn “House”: Cuddy is insane, so she asks House to baby-sit for her child. House does so, but takes his eyes off of her long enough for her to swallow a dime. Instead of telling Cuddy about it, he’s stuck searching Rachel’s poop for the next 24 hours and hoping a dime will show up inside it.

This keeps him away from PPTH for most of the episode, but his Cottages (now with two bonus lady Cottages, although not really, since the first one is fired in seconds and the second wisely decides not to take the job and tells off Taub on her way out) have things under control with their latest patient, a newborn baby with all kinds of problems. Health-wise, things are going poorly, and family-wise, she’s stuck with an older mother and adult sister whose relationship is strained for reasons we never really know.

It turns out that the mother has both melanoma AND lung cancer, and her body’s antibody reaction to the lung cancer was also keeping the melanoma at bay. It didn’t stop it from spreading to her baby in utero, though, so as soon as Mom gave birth and her antibody-filled blood supply to the baby was cut off, the baby began to die from the melanoma.

Mom decides to put off treating her cancers so she can keep giving her baby cancer-curing blood transfusions and spare her having to go through chemo. And then she dies from a cancer-related blood clot, but the Cottages are able to suck enough blood out of her body to save the baby, who will now be raised by the adult sister who kind of hates her. She’ll still be a better mother than Cuddy, though!

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