hugh laurie house s7 320 'House' recap: Take Your Work HomeNo one except Foreman gets any sleep this episode, which takes place over the course of one night of terrible ideas from our cast of characters. First off, Taub finds out that Ruby, the nurse’s aide he’s been dating, is pregnant. She wants to have the baby. He doesn’t. Foreman tries to console him with a trip to a strip club, but that goes poorly when Taub notices an asymmetrical mole on his stripper and keeps trying to touch it, getting him kicked out of the club. He insists on sticking around until closing time to try to talk to the stripper about her mole again, but she is freaked out to see him waiting for her and pulls a gun on him. She ends up driving away without shooting Taub, who realizes when his life flashes before his eyes that it would be nice to leave a kid behind in this world after all and tells Ruby he wants her to keep the baby too.

Meanwhile, Hadley gets a visit from a prison friend who was stabbed while running away from the cops. She needs medical attention, but doesn’t want to go to a hospital for fear that she’ll be arrested. She asks Hadley to tend to her wound instead, but when she loses a pulse and blood pressure in one of her arms, Hadley needs Chase to come over with a portable ultrasound to figure out what’s wrong. When the friend, Darrien, starts to hallucinate, Chase insists that Hadley has to break her promise to Darrien and take her to a hospital. Hadley still refuses, but Chase is much stronger than she is. He’s also right — it turns out that Darrien had parasites in her liver that were released into her bloodstream when she was stabbed, thus causing all the complications. Darrien’s life is saved, but her trip to the hospital is going to be followed by a trip to jail. She is not happy with Hadley for this, but Hadley knows she did the right thing. And she and Chase find out that the other one killed someone for what they thought were the right reasons, even if it did make them both feel really bad about it.

Finally, there’s House. He finds out that all the rats in the muscle-re-growing drug trial died after getting a bunch of tumors, which means the drug is not a success after all and it’s a good thing it was never given to any humans. Oops! It was given to one human: House, who runs off to scan his leg for any new growths and is not pleased to find three tumor-looking things in his leg. They need to be removed, so he decides to go ahead and do it himself. In his bathtub. Yeah. He manages to remove one of the tumors, but then he’s in too much pain and his system is too traumatized for him to be able to continue. He calls Wilson and the Cottages for help, but they’re otherwise occupied, leaving one person left in his phonebook: Cuddy. She dutifully comes to his apartment with Rachel in tow and brings him to the hospital so a surgeon can properly finish what House started. He asks/begs her to be in the operating room with them to make sure they don’t chop away any more of his muscle than necessary and especially not his entire leg, saying he trusts her more than any surgeon. She agrees, and House wakes up from the surgery with his leg intact and a lecture from Wilson waiting for him, as well as a note from Rachel, who misses his terrible paternal influence.

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