So on the season premiere of “House,” the team bickers over how to treat a patient, and Wilson checks in to see how House is doing, and … yeah, you’re not really interested in all that, are you?

OK then. Huddy it is:

house premiere huddy 'House' season premiere pics: Huddy gets cuddlyFOX isn’t saying much about what goes on in the Sept. 20 season premiere, other than saying that House (Hugh Laurie) and Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein) “explore a romantic relationship.” Given the events of last season’s finale, there would be pretty much be a revolt if they didn’t. (Side note: Cuddy appears to be wearing the same scrubs she had on in the Season 6 finale, so it doesn’t look like much on-screen time has passed.)

The network hasn’t released as many images for “House” as for some of its other returning shows (“Bones,” say, and certainly not “Glee”). But below, you can take a look at House and Wilson (Robert Sean Leonard), Thirteen (Olivia Wilde) and Foreman and Taub (Omar Epps and Peter Jacobson).

house premiere wilson 'House' season premiere pics: Huddy gets cuddlyhouse premiere olivia wilde 'House' season premiere pics: Huddy gets cuddlyhouse premiere team 'House' season premiere pics: Huddy gets cuddlyWhat do you make of the first Season 7 pictures?

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Photo credits: FOX

Posted by:Rick Porter