how i met your dad narrator picks 'How I Met Your Dad': 5 picks for the voice of Greta Gerwig's future selfCBS has found the star of its “How I Met Your Mother” not-quite-spinoff, “How I Met Your Dad,” in Greta Gerwig. And now that the hand-wringing over indie-film darling Gerwig’s casting has died down, it’s time to move on to other important considerations.

For instance, who will be the voice of Gerwig’s future self? “Dad” will follow “How I Met Your Mother’s” conceit that an older version of Gerwig’s Sally is telling her kids the story of how she and their father got together. As such, it’s not hard to assume that the new show will cast an older actress as its narrator, a la Bob Saget as Future Ted on “HIMYM.”

Since both Saget and the makers of “HIMYM” have endured questions about how how Josh Radnor’s present-day voice turns into Saget’s in the future, Zap2it decided to look for women whose own voices could more plausibly match Gerwig’s. Her voice, incidentally, sounds like this:

Now, our picks for Future Sally and some samples of their voices:

Joan Cusack

Cusack has a distinctive voice and the ability to go both quirky — as the description of Gerwig’s present-day Sally certainly is — and grounded, as the older version of the character likely will be.

Bridget Fonda

Fonda essentially retired from acting in the early 2000s. Which is a shame, because her voice matches up with Gerwig’s maybe better than anyone else on this list.

Helen Hunt

With a voice as smooth and warm as Hunt has, it’s a surprise she hasn’t done more voiceover work. Now would be a perfect time to change that.

Christine Lahti

Lahti has voiceover experience — she does commercials for Olay and Delta Airlines — and it’s not hard to imagine Gerwig’s voice becoming something like hers in the future.

Lori Loughlin

OK, so Loughlin’s voice is perhaps not the best match for Gerwig’s. But there’s a certain symmetry in having Saget’s “Full House” co-star narrate “How I Met Your Dad,” isn’t there?

Who would you like to hear as the voice of Gerwig’s future self on “How I Met Your Dad”?

Posted by:Rick Porter