cbs-passes-on-how-i-met-your-dad-greta-gerwig.jpgMidway through last week, a number of outlets reported that CBS had given a series order to “How I Met Your Dad,” the spinoff/companion series to “How I Met Your Mother.” CBS quickly shot down those reports.

Wednesday (May 14) when the network announced its 2014-15 schedule, “How I Met Your Dad,” starring Greta Gerwig, was not there. CBS Entertainment chair Nina Tassler says she’s “heartsick” about the decision, but it came down to a difference of opinion between CBS and studio 20th Century Fox TV.

“First of all, to say we loved this show and we love these producers [‘HIMYM’ creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas, and ‘Up All Night’s’ Emily Spivey] is an understatement. They are beloved, and we have an extraordinary relationship with them,” Tassler says. “There were things on the pilot, elements on the pilot that didn’t work out. You know, we tried to reach out and engage them in terms of a conversation about redoing the pilot. That’s not happening right now, and sometimes you run into these kinds of issues. You hope they can resolve themselves within a particular time frame; they haven’t.”

Tassler notes that CBS has a pretty good record with reshooting pilots: “The Big Bang Theory” was reworked, and one of the network’s new shows this year, “The McCarthys,” was redone after first being shot last year.

“It wasn’t what they wanted to do,” Tassler says of reshooting the pilot. “We felt repiloting was in the best interest of protecting the creative elements of the show. That was our position — not necessarily theirs, but that was our position.”

Posted by:Rick Porter