greta gerwig how i met your dad pilot casting 'How I Met Your Dad' pilot: CBS hints casting was an issue“How I Met Your Dad” might be dead for now, but CBS Entertainment president Nina Tassler says that she’s open to filming another pilot whenever “How I Met Your Mother” creators Craig Thomas and Carter Bays and “HIMYD” executive producer Emily Spivey want to try again.

“Craig and Carter and Emily, we adore those guys. We want very much to stay in business with them,” Tassler tells reporters at the 2014 Television Critics Association summer press tour in Beverly Hills. “Some things about ‘How I Met Your Dad’ worked, some things didn’t. We’d love the opportunity to take another shot.”

Tassler doesn’t explicitly say why the pilot didn’t work, but hints that casting may have been an issue.

“Some of the lessons that we learned are the lessons you apply to developing any show, whether it’s a spinoff or not. You really have to look at all the elements — the storytelling, the casting, the production value,” she says. “At this point, you make the best decisions you can relative to casting. You need to be casting relative to the time of year. There’s a lot going on during pilot season.”

The network has a history of picking up shows after a second pilot, Tassler notes — this season’s “The McCarthys,” for example, in addition to one of CBS’ most successful shows, “The Big Bang Theory.'”

“‘Big Bang’ would not be ‘Big Bang’ without having redone that pilot,” she says. “I can’t imagine Kaley Cuoco not being a part of that show and as we know she was not a part of the initial pilot.”

Posted by:Jean Bentley