how i met your mother the lighthouse 'How I Met Your Mother'   'The Lighthouse': Just end up with her alreadyOK, “How I Met Your Mother.” That lovely scene toward the end of Monday’s (Nov. 4) episode? More of that, please — considerably more.

The promise revealed in the Season 9 premiere returned to some degree in “The Lighthouse.” The episode marks the first time we’ve seen the Mother since the premiere, and although we don’t see her in the present, her one flash-forward scene is a beauty.

After Ted takes Lily’s bad advice* and agrees to take Cassie and her sprained ankle to the Farhampton lighthouse**, he laments to Lily that he ruined the spot for that future someone he really does love.

(*Bad advice, at least, in the context of this episode and Ted’s fairly apparent incompatibility with Cassie. Nonetheless, her “Stop being an idiot and just end up with her already” is pretty much what a significant portion of the audience has to be saying at this point.)

(**Ted Mosby: No longer vomit-free since … Season 1, when he puked on Robin’s doorstep.)

So, Lily tells him, just bring that someone back — which he does two years later. The Mother repeats his line that being up in the lighthouse is like going back in time and wonders how the day could possibly get better.

“I’m going to try,” Ted tells her, getting on one knee to propose. Darn it if a significant portion of the frustration with “HIMYM” these past few episodes didn’t melt away at that point.

The rest of the episode was, per usual, hit and miss. Lily’s white-hot rage over Marshall’s judgeship — shattering her cocktail glasses every time she hears a word related to the coutroom — was a decent running bit, capped nicely by Linus the bartender’s line “We’re running out of glasses.” The C-story with Marshall, Daphne and Ted’s stepdad Clint was weak.

And the end of the spat between Robin and Barney’s mom? The scramble-off was an awfully shaky setup, and Robin was too confrontational by half at the start — which made her reaction to Loretta’s offhand line about her future grandchildren seem like an overly abrupt change in tone. But the episode earned that tone with the later scenes showing how Robin broke the news that she can’t have kids to Barney, and the similar reaction Loretta had to the news that Robin’s mother* wasn’t coming.

(*The tally of the very few things the gang knows about Robin’s mom was nice too.)

“The Lighthouse” was a definite improvement on the past few episodes, not coincidentally due to the Mother’s return. Here’s hoping we get to see more of her from here on out — though probably not next week, which is a flashback episode — and that these kinds of episodes become the rule for the final season rather than the exception.

What did you think of “How I Met Your Mother” this week?

Posted by:Rick Porter