cristin milioti himym fan theories 'How I Met Your Mother': Cristin Milioti calls fan theories 'crazy,' but are they wrong?Following the end of last week’s “How I Met Your Mother,” the Internet was awash in grief for what people perceived as a very strong suggestion that the Mother (Cristin Milioti) is dead by the time Ted is telling their story to his kids in 2030.

Milioti, for one, is amazed at the way the show’s fans have run with the Mother-is-dead idea.

“That’s insane,” she tells the Hollywood Reporter. “There are some crazy conspiracy theories, which actually just makes me really love the fans more. … There’s such passion there. That is so crazy.”

Crazy, perhaps, but mistaken? Milioti never goes so far as to say the idea is wrong. Granted, she’s probably under orders not to reveal too much about the final few “How I Met Your Mother” episodes, but her reply isn’t likely to quash the speculation. (As evidenced by, say, the headline of this post.)

Milioti also says the “HIMYM” finale, which filmed last week, is “beautiful” and notes that creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas didn’t film any alternate endings to misdirect spoiler-hungry fans.

Three more episodes of “How I Met Your Mother” remain before the March 31 series finale.  

Posted by:Rick Porter