himym slutty pumpkin1 'How I Met Your Mother': How was Katie Holmes as the Slutty Pumpkin?

In general, “How I Met Your Mother” brings out the best in its guest stars. Take, for example, Mandy Moore, Britney Spears, Katy Perry and plenty of other people who have appeared on the show. The 2011 Halloween episode featured Katie Holmes taking on a very special part as the oft-referred-to but never-before-seen Slutty Pumpkin Ted met at a Halloween party in 2001 whiled dressed as a hanging chad. So topical!
So, how did Holmes fare in her turn as one of Ted’s many girlfriends? Pretty okay, to be honest. Nothing special, but not horrible. That’s good, right?
The pros: She totally committed to the role — belting the Barenaked Ladies was hilariously uncomfortable, in a good way — and though there was a slight awkwardness surrounding her chemistry with Josh Radnor, that was kind of the point of her character. The cons: Something seemed a little off the whole time (please refer back to the previous point re: the awkwardness).
Turns out, although Ted spent a decade lusting after the Slutty Pumpkin, when he was finally reunited with his mystery crush, it wasn’t as idyllic as both of them had imagined it to be.

Frankly, we knew this lady wouldn’t turn out to be the mother, so her time was limited from the start. In general, Holmes has skill as a comedian, but something just seemed off about this appearance. We’d like to see her flex her comedy muscles again, but maybe in a more rounded-out role.
The episode also offered a couple of major revelations: Lily and Marshall might move to the suburbs at some point in the future. Marshall didn’t have the heart to take advantage of his wife’s “pregnancy brain” and make the move just yet, but something tells me it’s a point we’ll revisit in the future. 

On another “I can’t wait until they reference this again” note, we LOVE that Robin discovered that Barney is one eighth Canadian. This is going to be great. And you thought the Canada jokes were played out… 
What did you think of Mrs. Tom Cruise’s “HIMYM” debut?
Posted by:Jean Bentley