neil patrick harris himym 02 320 'How I Met Your Mother' recap: This Is Not How I Thought This Night Was Going To Go!On “How I Met Your Mother”: Saget! Ted starts out by telling his kids what he’s told them about 100 times so far: Blah blah blah love story blah. This time, though, he sets up the two big days in any love story: the day you meet and the day you get married. Then we jump to a wedding “a little ways down the road,” where Ted’s nervous and Marshall gives him a beer. Then we jump back to the present — which is actually the future, if we’re starting out where we ended last season (then again, do we even want to think about last season? We didn’t think so) — with Ted and a different beer at MacLaren’s while preparing a lesson plan or somesuch. Barney joins him, quickly finds out he’s eyeing a blonde at the bar, and tells him not to be nervous because, well, Barney has dibs. There’s an entire episode’s worth of bickering and bantering about this, but somehow it’s funny and charming like the “How I Met Your Mother” days of old.

Midway through their bickering, Marshall and Lily come in — though it’s baby-making night, there’s a fight and no baby-making so far because Marshall told his dad (and everyone in the world) about the baby-making. Robin also comes in, looking haggard over her recent breakup with Don. (There’s some small moment in semi-flashback in which she tries to have sex with Ted, but she looks like such a wreck that even he’s not tempted.)

Marshall and Lily head to their own table against the wall to argue, while Ted, Barney and Robin debate whether the hot girl is Ted’s, Barney’s, or waiting for a date. Then her friend shows up, and it’s none other than Cindy, “Your Mother’s” roommate. So, of course, this must be the roomie, right? Well, Cindy finally talks to Ted and thanks him for the drama before, because it helped her realize who she was and says it wouldn’t even be weird for her to set him up with someone. He asks her to say “bye” before she leaves, and he, Robin and Barney agree he’s “so in.”

Somewhere in the middle of all of this, Robin cleans up her Pig-Pen look and impresses Barney back into basically loving her, it seems. In the end, when Ted moves toward saying goodbye to Cindy and meeting the mother, Cindy kisses her instead, and we learn she’s not the mother, but Cindy’s future wife. Shocker! Ted helped a girl discover she’s a lesbian. Lily and Marshall also make up and go upstairs for some baby-making.

We jump back to the wedding in the future, as Saget!Ted tells us he met the mother at a wedding. Marshall asks him if he’s nervous about his toast, and then Lily comes out in a bridesmaid dress and says the best man is needed. Marshall and Ted get up and head inside, as it starts to rain. They talk about an umbrella (let me guess: the yellow one’s inside?), and head in to meet the mother and help marry off someone — presumably Robin and Barney? But why would Cindy’s former roommate be at their wedding and Ted hadn’t met her before? Someone’s date? Or did Cindy bring her to introduce her to Ted? Or are we supposed to forget the mother is her roommate and start over from scratch? At this point, we don’t really care. We’re just glad the show’s funny again.

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