how i met your mother daisy 'How I Met Your Mother' Season 9, episode 20   'Daisy': Something good happens after 2 a.m.After the very bad thing implied on “How I Met Your Mother” last week, Monday’s (March 10) episode, “Daisy,” returned to a full focus on the wedding and our core gang. The only mother present was Robin’s.  

In accordance with the stipulations laid out after “Rally” two weeks ago, we meet “Daisy” on its own terms.

– Marshall and Lily are going to be parents again, and they’re going to Italy, and their story here is kind of awesome and tear-jerking. Marshall’s troubled (belatedly so, maybe, but at least he got there) by Lily’s late-night sojourn and her seemingly abrupt reversal on the New York-vs.-Italy question.

Thanks to Billy Zabka, he learns she was headed to the Captain’s house in the Hamptons, where she asks to use the powder room, hangs out for a little bit and leaves. Ted susses out that whatever secret she was keeping is in the flower pot in the powder room — his guess of smoking is wrong, and they instead find a positive pregnancy test. Cue the tearful reunion and Marshall’s decision to go to Italy after all: “It’s your dream,” he tells Lily, “and you’re giving me mine — again.” (Child No. 2, we see in a flash-forward, is of course named Daisy.)

– Sherlock Mosby, on the other hand? Yeesh. It’s entirely in character for Ted to want to milk his sleuthing skills for everything they’re worth, but Marshall is not wrong when he mutters, “Oh, this is going to be unbearable.”

– Tracey Ullman makes her first full appearance as Robin’s mom, proceeding to freak her daughter out by listing all the ways Barney is similar to Robin’s dad. She pulls Robin off the ledge, though, by noting that for every marriage like hers, there’s one like Marshall and Lily’s, and if she has someone she knows she can depend on, she’ll be fine. Robin thinks for a moment, then says “I do,” and please oh please oh please oh please let her be talking about Barney, or perhaps Lily, and not Ted.

– Cameo count: Chris Elliott as Lily’s dad, Mickey, who continues his child-care duties in Italy; Kyle MacLachlan as the Captain; and Laura Bell Bundy as “Boats, Boats, Boats” Becky, who’s now engaged to the Captain because boats.

So that’s at least one more week of Internet hand-wringing over the Mother’s fate. What did you think of “HIMYM” this week?

Posted by:Rick Porter