craig thomas carter bays himym gi 'How I Met Your Mother': See a draft of the series finale script ... from Season 1The creators of “How I Met Your Mother” have said numerous times that they’ve had pieces of their series finale in mind as far back as Season 1 and 2. Now there’s photographic proof to back up their claims.

Co-creator Carter Bays tweeted a picture of his computer screen Thursday night (Feb. 6), showing the top of a script page reading “How I Met Your Mother – ‘Finale.’ Writers’ first draft 2/21/06.” Take a look:

The draft dates to late in the show’s first season, a time when its future was somewhat uncertain. “HIMYM” was considered a bubble show in its first few seasons, so maybe Bays was hedging his bets?

Bays and co-creator Craig Thomas are in the midst of writing the actual script for the series finale, which is set to air March 31. At least a small part of it, however, was shot in 2006: A flash-forward scene with Ted’s (Josh Radnor) teenage kids (Lyndsy Fonseca and David Henrie) was filmed during Season 2, and Bays and Thomas say it will be part of the finale.

“We just looked at that footage, which will factor into the end of the series,” Thomas said in a Reddit AMA earlier this week. “It totally worked and was kind of haunting to watch! Shot 8 years ago and it will now help end our series.”

Posted by:Rick Porter