himym robin barney 'How I Met Your Mother' spoilers: We'll meet the mother! [Updated]Attention all devoted “How I Met Your Mother” fans: We finally know when we’ll meet the darn mother already. According to showrunner Carter Bays, we will actually see the woman in question in May of 2012. We think.

Bays tells TV Guide that we will “meet” her at Barney’s wedding, but knowing this show, that’s no guarantee of anything. “In May, we will follow Ted to the bride’s dressing room and meet her,” Carter says. “Some monumental things are ahead that will change Ted’s life irrevocably and make it a different show going forward. We’re going to get into why he’s still single. He’s going to start realizing some things and exploring some new territory.”
That’s not the only mystery addressed in the Barney’s wedding flash-forward — we’ll also meet his heretofore unseen bride.
As for the other characters, Bays says Barney will finally get into a stable romantic relationship (we’re assuming with Quinn, played by “Ugly Betty” vet Becki Newton), and Robin and Kevin’s “relationship takes some big steps.” Whether that’s good or bad, we don’t know for sure, especially considering Robin’s big revelation.
Marshall and Lily will have their son on May, while Chris Elliott will return for several episodes as Lily’s father, Mickey.
UPDATE 11/29/11: Since this story was posted, it’s been clarified that Bays’ quote was referring to the identity of Barney’s bride, not the mother. But who knows with this show, right?
Posted by:Jean Bentley