michael emerson lost 0309 320 How to feel less 'Lost' during the hiatus weekWe’re in the dreaded “hiatus” week for the final season of “Lost,” folks. I know, I know. What to do? Curl up into a ball and hope Jacob shows us the way? Hardly. I’ve got plenty planned for this week off, with the normal level of content being produced to help get you through the last off week in the show’s history.

But since even that might not be enough content to help you through this “Lost”-less week, here are a few handy links that will take you through the massive amount of show-related content we have here at Zap2it. 

The “We Have to Go Back” gallery. Links to every recap of every episode I’ve ever done for the site. Say goodbye to any free time you thought you had.

Other galleries galore! All done pre-Season 6, and will probably (read: definitely) be revamped after the show is over. But we’ve got Top 25 Moments, Top 25 Characters, and Top 25 Quotes for you pore over, discuss, and debate. You’re welcome.

“Lost”-related news and notes. Check out the “From Inside the Box” section of the site for even more information about the show.

“Light vs. Dark.” My series between Seasons 5 and 6 that looked at unique moments in the history of the show in light of the revelations in “The Incident.” All the more timely in the light of “The Last Recruit.” 

“Six in Six.” This was a series I did in anticipation of the final season of the show. A great chance to look back and see what I got right, and what I got very, very wrong.
The Great “Lost” Debates. Throughout Season 6, Zap2it’s Rick Porter and I have looked at burning topics in the “Lost” world. All are worth another look, to see how our theories have evolved over the course of the season.

“Orientation: Ryan Station.” The weekly podcast with The Chicago Tribune’s Maureen Ryan, done in the style of DVD audio commentaries. Mo and I actually recorded not one, but TWO podcasts for the off-week, in which we answer reader questions about the show. So look for those coming down the pipe. 

Two more programming notes. During last week’s chat, I asked if people were game for a live chat even though there wasn’t going to be a new episode this Tuesday. The response was overwhelming in the “yes” category, so I’m going to host a supersized one this Tuesday night. How long will we go? Who knows? My thought is to watch one or two key Season 1 eps while the chat goes on: “White Rabbit” plus the suggestions of those in the chat. That way we still can have a “Lost” night even without a new ep.

One last note: As revealed on last week’s chat, I’ll be going to Los Angeles during the week before the “Lost” finale to be a guest on AOL’s show “Instant Dharma.” I’ll actually be on with Maureen Ryan, so that should be doubly exciting. We’re like The Wonder Twins of “Lost” commentary, I guess. 

Pretty crazy to think I’ll be flying to LAX during the final week of “Lost,” quite frankly. Just another one of those wild things that this blog has allowed me to do, and for which I’m very grateful. I’ll be in L.A. for five days, writing the blog in the Zap2it HQ, meeting some of the great guests we’ve had on the podcasts, and maybe doing a few other things that are still in the works and about which I dare not utter. Gonna be a crazy week, but might as well go out with a bang, eh?

So don’t look at this week as a “Lost” opportunity: look at it as a chance to catch up before the show’s final push!
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