howard gordon homeland tyrant tca gi Howard Gordon answers all your 'Homeland' Season 4 questions

After the Season 3 finale of “Homeland” resolved the series’ ongoing storylines in a tidy little bow, many fans questioned where the show would go from here. Season 4 was already announced, but there aren’t many plot threads carrying over into 2014. Executive producer Howard Gordon doesn’t think fans should expect a complete reboot of the series, though.

“Obviously it’s going to require a fair bit of reinvention, but [showrunner] Alex [Gansa] and his team are inheriting a lot of players still on the board, most notably Carrie [Claire Danes],” Gordon tells Zap2it at the TCA 2014 winter press tour, where he was promoting his new FX series “Tyrant.” “I mean, we always conceived of the show really early as the axis of Carrie and Saul [Mandy Patinkin]; [it] is so powerful, and those characters have so much more in them.”

Fans concerned about Saul not being a factor in Season 4 should let their fears be assuaged. Gansa previously said that Patinkin will be back as a series regular in the coming season, and Gordon says he imagines Carrie’s mentor will be as big a part of the series as he always has even though he’s not in the CIA anymore.

As for Carrie’s pregnancy, don’t expect it to just be glossed over when the series returns. “Carrie, her maternity will obviously play into it,” Gordon says. When the suggestion of the new season starting with Carrie’s baby magically having been adopted or out of the picture, Gordon says, “No, no no no.”

Gansa and the writers will convene in “a few weeks” to discuss the direction Season 4 will take. Of where Gordon would like to see the show head, he says he wants it to “just be true to itself and keep on surprising people.”

“It’s such a remarkable group of writers and actors. I want what everyone else wants: A good show,” Gordon says. “I don’t think you can ever go backwards. You can only go forwards. We’ll see [if there will be another big question mark]. We’ll see.”

Posted by:Terri Schwartz