howl aaron tveit james franco 'Howl's' Aaron Tveit's onscreen kisses: James Franco vs. Blake Lively

Aaron Tveit is the kissing bandit of Hollywood. He guest starred in “Gossip Girl” where he lip locked with Blake Lively and then we saw him plant one on America Ferrera in the final season of “Ugly Betty.” But when we asked him how those compared to kissing James Franco in the film, “Howl,” he had a different take than many of us would have had.
“Well, [kissing Franco was] no where near as much fun as kissing Blake Lively and America Ferrera, so sorry James,” Tveit tells Zap2it.
And, of course we had to push. What if your eyes were closed? Is it good then, Aaron? “No, no way,” he laughed. Well, we tried.

]]>The handsome actor plays Peter, the lifetime lover of Franco’s Allen Ginsberg in “Howl.” The film centers on the beat poet during the 1957 obscenity trial over his poem, which the film is named after.

“[Peter and Allen’s] relationship in the movie comes off very sweetly and it’s kind of the turning point in Allen’s life as a writer, too,” says Tveit. “These guys just truly fall in love and then everything just kind of turns around in Allen’s life.”
While clearly Tveit is heterosexual, the star of the Broadway musical, “Next to Normal,” tells us that portraying Peter didn’t require any special preparation any other role would have required.
“I think that every character you bring something different too,” he says. “That’s kind of how I approach everything… It doesn’t matter if it’s a man or a woman. These people are in love and I think that’s all the matters. And I think that regardless of any kind of sexual orientation.”
“Howl” opens in theaters today, Friday, Sept. 24.

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