hulk hogan wwe wrestlemania xxx host Hulk Hogan hosting WWE's 'Wrestlemania XXX': What does that mean?

Finally, WWE let the cat out of the bag that the legendary Hulk Hogan is returning to the company as host of “Wrestlemania XXX” in April. It’s been rumored that Hogan would be back with the company for months, and he was expected to make his first appearance at the announcement of the WWE Network, but that never came to pass.
What does a “Wrestlemania” host do, though? There’s not a lot of hosting history for the event to look back on, but there is one guy who’s done it before. That person is Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who hosted “Wrestlemania XXVII.” Johnson was there to set up an eventual match with John Cena the following year.
At 60 years old, with a number of major surgeries under his belt, it’s not all that likely that Hogan will be building up to an eventual match. With the number of physicals and medicals tests a superstar must pass before becoming an active part of the roster, another WWE match for Hogan might be a bit too much to ask. That doesn’t mean he can’t contribute, though.
Chances are Hogan will open the show with a promo to pump up the crowd, much like Johnson did when he hosted. From there, it’s up to WWE to find the best place for him on the show, using him where he’ll best fit.

What Hogan’s return could signal is that the rumored Hall of Fame induction of the first “Wrestlemania” main event might just happen. The match features Hogan and Mr. T with Jimmy Snuka against Roddy Piper and Paul Orndorff with Bob Orton. Were that to happen, it would make two-time inductees of everyone involved, except for Mr. T. Currently, Ric Flair is the only two-timer in the Hall of Fame.
Hogan being in the company again is also good news for the WWE Network, as there are plenty opportunities to use him in various programming there. After all, who’s been through more professional wrestling eras than Hulk Hogan?

The one thing that is guaranteed is Hogan receiving a very warm welcome when he makes his first WWE appearance in over six years Monday (Feb. 24) on “WWE RAW.”
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