Rob Ford defeats Hulk Hogan?

Toronto mayor Rob Ford may have been dealing with a lot of bad press in recent months, but he still has what it takes to beat famed wrestler, Hulk Hogan, in an arm-wrestling match. The two big, blond men met at Toronto’s Fan Expo for the epic battle.

For a few seconds on Thursday, it looked to be a nearly even match between the wrestler and the mayor. Hogan spent the time trash-talking and describing how he was going to be taking the city away from Ford. The mayor was uncharacteristically silent throughout.

Maybe he just needed to concentrate? While it looked like Hogan had the upper hand throughout much of the contest, Ford gave a sudden push that brought the pro’s hand down on the table. He was the victor.

Later, Hulk Hogan claimed that he only lost because Ford was younger. The extra weight on Ford — who weighs more than 300 pounds — didn’t hurt either. There’s also the possibility that this match was fixed. It was, after all, something of a publicity stunt.

Whatever the case, it’s not like anything involving arm-wrestling is going to hurt Ford at this point. Earlier this year, Gawker and the Toronto Star both published allegations of a video in which the mayor smoked crack and made offensive comments. The tape never surfaced publicly, despite Gawker raising more than $200,000 for its purchase.

Posted by:Laurel Brown