tom szaky human resources pivot 'Human Resources' showcases TerraCycle, a fun company focusing on recycling and upcycling for PivotPivot is launching a fascinating new docu-series in August titled “Human Resources,” which features TerraCycle, a worldwide company that was founded under the idea of reducing trash and waste.

CEO Tom Szaky tells the 2014 TCA press tour that the company actually stemmed from when he and his friends were growing pot in their basements in Canada. One of them ended up feeding worms garbage and using the worms’ waste as fertilizer. It got Szaky thinking about “the concept of garbage.”

“TerraCycle came about as a company to try to solve the problem of garbage and how can we have less garbage,” says Szaky. “Recycling is the response to garbage. The real question is why do we have all the garbage to begin with?”

In keeping with trying to solve the root of the problem, Szaky says that his company is working to get companies to use their recycled materials, such as a clothing line making their messenger bags out of old post office bags as opposed to using new fabric.

“If we can get existing companies to shift what they do … it removes the need of removing more materials out of the earth,” says Szaky.

But the show isn’t a super serious show about recycling. It’s a lot of fun too. Pivot’s executive vice president of programming Belisa Balaban describes it as “a quirky workplace with its own unreasonable bosses, inscrutable co-workers, and often bizarre staff meetings … making it the perfect setting for a great TV show.”

“I don’t believe in a workplace that is an amusement park [though] … but let’s create a culture that allows an idea to come from anywhere because ideas don’t just come from someone with the biggest paycheck, they come from all over,” says Szaky.

“Human Resources” premieres Friday, Aug. 8 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Pivot.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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