josh hutcherson hunger games 'Hunger Games' Josh Hutcherson: 'I might do all right in the Hunger Games'Happy “Hunger Games” week, fans! Zap2it will be bringing you fun content all week to get you excited (can you even get MORE excited) about the movie release on Friday, March 23. First up, a Q&A with Josh Hutcherson from sister site Red Eye Chicago.

Tell me about your foraging skills. How long would you last if dropped off in a forest?

“I have pretty good foraging skills. I grew up in Kentucky in the woods, playing a lot, and I love hiking and camping and being outdoors. I watch a lot of ‘Man vs. Wild’ with Bear Grylls. So I feel like I’d be prepared for any situation. I feel like I might do all right in the Hunger Games. My biggest problem would obviously be killing someone, but as far as surviving in the wilderness I think I’d do all right.”

What’s the most extreme experience you had in the wilderness?

Actually maybe when we were filming. Liam and I were actually doing an interview and we hear this horn, and all of a sudden this bear comes running right at us. Literally running. It was a black bear; it was probably 400 pounds. It looks up and saw us and then took off in the other direction. That was pretty intense, all of a sudden seeing a bear running toward you and being like, ‘How do we handle this? What exactly is going to be our plan here when this bear attacks one of us?'”

@terrynd3 wanted to know: Between premieres, crazed fans and interviews, what do you do to keep yourself sane?

“I play sports. I play basketball probably four to five days a week when I’m back home. I’m on two teams. So that’s my escape and I can really get into it and leave all the other stuff behind.”

Reality shows are going to extremes. A huge election is coming up. How far are we as a society from turning into the “Hunger Games” world of Panem?

“I’d like to think pretty far away. Reality TV’s getting crazy, but we’re talking about literally kids battling each other to the death. So I think we’re pretty far away from that society. Government-wise, I think that we’re closer than we are with reality TV. There’s a separation of the rich and the poor now and it’s growing exponentially and you see a disconnect between the 1 percent and the 99. That’s exactly what this movie is about in a sense is the disconnect between the people who have and the have-nots.”

And some quick-fire questions:

Guilty pleasure movie
: “White Men Can’t Jump.” “Every time it’s on TV, I have to watch it.”

Can his “Hunger Games” co-star Woody Harrelson, in fact, jump?
“He can! He can. He’s got a great jump shot. He’s a good basketball player.”

Guilty pleasure band: “I think ‘N Sync’s gotta be it. I still listen to ‘N Sync on occasion, and that’s definitely a guilty pleasure for sure.”

Favorite N’Sync song
: “Tearin’ Up My Heart”

Best mall food
: Pepperoni pizza from Sbarro

Michael Scott would approve. “The Hunger Games” opens nationwide Friday, March 23. Do you already have your tickets?

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