Four-time Grammy nominee Hunter Hayes was on “Today” Friday (Aug. 22) for the summer concert series. He performed “I Want Crazy” and “Tattoo,” which you can watch in the videos below. But the young country music star also sat down with some “Today” anchors, telling them that he’s still in disbelief sometimes about his success.

“Defnitely still in a bit of disbelief … I don’t necessarily wake in the morning expecting anything, because you never know. You just go to bed praying that you can wake up tomorrow and do it again, you know?” says Hayes.

He also talks about the 31 different instruments he plays — the accordion was his first — but he doesn’t consider himself a professional musician on any of them. And, despite being able to play 31 instruments, guess what? Hayes can’t whistle.

It also turns out that Hayes’ dream when he was a kid was to be a weatherman, so he gets to fulfill that dream today by doing the weather with Al Roker, who tells him to be “jaunty” and “jolly” about it. Al Roker is the best.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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