i love lucy christmas color '‪I Love Lucy' in color: 5 other TV classics to colorize next‬While some purists were peeved at the notion of CBS colorizing a pair of beloved “I Love Lucy” episodes to air as a holiday special on Friday (Dec. 20), the ratings prove that the stunt was a success.

Replacing “Undercover Boss” in its regular 8 p.m. time slot, the special improved on the reality show’s ratings from the previous week by about a million viewers, earning an average of 8.6 million eyeballs throughout the hour. While “I Love Lucy” is a singular legend that likely influenced the ratings boom, it’s seems to us this colorizing experiment is worth trying out on some other TV classics.

“The Twilight Zone”: A perfect Halloween special could be colorizing the classic Rod Serling spookiest.
“The Honeymooners”: Who wouldn’t want to see Ralph Cramden bellow “To the moon!” in color?
“Leave it to Beaver”: It’d be a treat to see June and Ward worry about the Beav in living color.
“The Munsters”: The camp classic practically screams out for a colorizing treatment.
“The Andy Griffith Show”: The show’s final three seasons and subsequent reunion specials have taken us to Mayberry in color, but it’s time the earlier episodes get the same treatment.

What do you think? Any other TV classics you’d like to see in color? Sound off in the comments below.

Posted by:Billy Nilles